Jun Mizumachi, a native of Japan, is a composer of electro-acoustic music and a sound designer for film, video, and art installations.

His electro-acoustic music compositions synthesize sounds extracted from urban surroundings and travels. He meticulously dissects these elements into grains, resulting in intricate sonic textures comprised of tiny dots of sound and texture.

With a rich history of collaboration, he has worked alongside esteemed directors such as Joel Coen, Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders, Frank Stiefle, Yasmine Kabir, and Pierre Foldes, composing soundtracks for feature films, documentaries, shorts and commercials. In addition, Jun has extended his creative reach to the world of contemporary art, frequently collaborating with artists like Yngvild Rolland and Carsten Aniksdal.

Contact: jun@junmizumachi.com

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