Sound Composition / Electroacoustic
Art installations, performances, residences

2022/23 Immersion (working title) Berlevag, Norway // Sound residence - Sound design and installation
2023 Blind Flower w/ Kentaro Sugi, Tama Art University Tokyo, Japan // Sound composition - Live performance
2023 Restricted Movements, w/ Yngvild Rolland - Oslo, Norway // Sound design
2022 Landskaplser #1, w/ Carsten Aniksdal -  in Oslo, Norway // Sound design
2021 Festival Futura Musique AccousmatiqueCrest, France  // Electroacoustic Live performance
2021 Plop w/ Annebarbe Kau - Cologne, Germany // Sound design
2021 Portrait of a Woman at the Piano, w/ Yngvild Rolland -  Bergen, Norway // Sound design
2020 Audiosphere REINA SOFIA, Curator Francisco López Madrid, Spain // Electroacoustic sound installation
2020 For David Quinnat - Amaneya, Japan // Electroacoustic sound experimentation
2018 Sonic Mmabolela, Limpopo South Africa // Sound experimentation residence
2016 36 Hours Display, Hotel Particulier New York // 36 hour long sound composition / Live performance
2007-2016 Digital Universe at Hayden Planetarium of The American Museum of Natural HistoryNew York  
// Soundscape live
2014 School's Public Performance in a not Public Space, New School for Social Research, New York // Live performance
2014 Onkochishin Amoros Performance Studio, New York  
// Sound composition - Live performance
2014 Story of You with at HB Studios, New York // Electroacoustic live performance

2014 Wearing Cities, w/ Simo Neri -  NYCxDESIGN New York -Eunhwa showroom Paris // Sound design

2004 World War 2 Japanese Invasion, History wing of Singapore Museum, Singapore // Soundscape live performance

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︎︎︎Sound Composition / Electroacoustic 
︎︎︎Artists collaborations

Music Sound / Film Video
Filmmaker collaborations

2020-2023 “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” with Pierre Foldes
2019 “Talking About Adultery” with Bara Jichova Tyson
2018 “Weightless” with Jaron Albertin
2017 "Rope" with Yasmine Kabir
2016 "Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405" with Frank Stiefle
Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 90th Academy Awards
2013 "Trace of Locations" with Yngvild Rolland
2010 "The Trip" with Sascha Just
2009 "The Interruption" with Christopher Theokas
2009 "This is Ben" with Mark Potts
2008 "Three" with Sascha Just
2005 "The Resurrection Apprentice" with Glenn McQaid
2004 "Resurrection" with Mitchell Lichtenstein
2003 "Cycle" with Minh Chieu
2002 "The Life" with Roland Hudson
1991 Steven King's "Golden Years"
1987 "Raising Arizona" with Joel Coen
1987 "Arena Brain" with Robert Longo
1985 "After Hours" with Martin Scorsese
1984 "Blood Simple" with Joel Coen

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︎︎︎Music sound / Film Video

Music Sound / Commercials, TV Spots, Sound ID and Logo
Brand collaborations

ABC, CBS, HBO, United Airlines, DELTA, Bank of America, Citibank, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Saab, GE, Pepsi, Visa, AT&T, Verizon, IBM, Hertz, CVS, Fedex, New York Lotto, Nike, Linkedin among many others. 
*CBS sports include Super Bowl Live, * HBO includes “Art break”, *New York Lotto’s spot won Cannes Golden Lion

Commercial works was made within the following sound studio affiliations: Lavsky Music, Warp Sound, Crew Cuts, Howard Schwartz Recording, Tonic, Cut & Run and the Cutting Room.

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︎︎︎Commercial, TV Spots


“Sound Design as a Profession” at Kyushu Art and Industrial University, Japan
"Sound Design for Films" at AES Audio Engineering Society
“Sound Design for Moving Images" at A&E TV station
"Sound Design for TV commercial" at JWT Ad Agency
"Sound Art & Sound Design" at Wells College in Aurora, New York
"Electro Acoustic Music & Sound Design" at New York University
"Sounds for Computer Graphics" at School of Visual Art , New York

GNAW 2007-2016 - Gnaw is an experimental noise band founded in 2006 by Alan Dubin (of OLD, Khanate), Carter Thornton (of Enos Slaughter and others), Jun Mizumachi (a former live member of Ike Yard) and drummer Jamie Sykes (of Burning Witch). Guitarist/sound designer Brian Beatrice and drummer Eric Neuser later joined the group // Live Performance - on tour across the US and Europe.
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