Sound Art / Composition
Art installations, performances, residences


Immersion (working title)
Soundscape in Arctic Circle

Berlevag, Norway
2022 - 2023

// Sound Experimentation


The Immersion project is a cycle of immersive audio performances - walks and installation performances. the viewer is a participant in the performance itself, part of an art installation and, to some extent, a performer who has the goal of not only listening and getting information, but also immersing himself in what is happening around.

During the performances, the viewer will be able to reflect on various topics related to the Arctic region and human nature, look at nature itself with different eyes and reflect on the themes of greatness and beauty, severity and isolation, resilience and defenselessness, confrontation and unbreakability, conscious loneliness and hunger for human connection.

This is an immersion in oneself and in the environment, which asks the questions.

Kvitbrakka ︎
A multidisciplinary art hub in the Arctic Norway

Festival Futura 2021
Musique Accousmatique

Crest, France

// electroacoustic Live Performance

100 speakers sound experimentation 


Sonic Mmabolela 2018

Limpopo, South Africa

// Sound Experimentation

‘SONIC MMABOLELA’ is a workshop/residency for composers, audio artists, sound designers and other creative individuals with an interest in sound, carried out since 2013 once a year in the savanna environment of Mmabolela Reserve in South Africa.


Audiosphere REINA SOFIA 2020
Curator Francisco López

Madrid, Spain

// Sound Experimentation


Skool’d 2014
Public Performance in a not Public Space

New School for Social Research
New York

// Live performance

Digital Universe at Hayden Planetarium of
The American Museum of Natural History 

New York
// Soundscape live Performance  


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